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Inverter and converter ENC.
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Inverter and ENC Converter

EN600 series hi-performance flux vector inverter mainly used in metalworking machinery, plastic machinery, printing, textile printing, papermaking, urban municipal engineering, chemical fiber, cement, ceramic, tension control, elevating gear, elevator control, rapid injection, various machine tools, petrochemicals, metallurgy.

1,Various control mode, including sensorless vector control, closed-loop vector control, optimized of V / F control. With speed control and torque control. Can be used in various application demands

2,Adopt excellent flux vector control algorithm, making the inverter control in high precision, fast speed reaction, excellent low frequency performance.

3,High precision speed control,±0.5% rated synchronous speed(without PG vector control); ±0.1% rated synchronous speed (with PG vector control);±1% rated synchronous speed (V/F control)

4,Self-learning function, unique rotate speed tracking, precise control and more flexible.

5,Compact construction, high power density, easy installation and high cost-effective

6,Abundant peripheral expansion function, realizing the expansion function of bus, terminal, relay and analog.

7,Support CAN Open, CAN Link, Profibus, Modbus and free protocol, making the bus control easily.

8,Support local single LED display, double display keyboard, remote LCD keyboard.

9,Intelligent protection and inspection, with the function of input phase missing protection, output phase missing protection, output interphase short circuit protection and output Earth-leakage protection.

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