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Inverter ENC EDS A-200
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Inverter ENC EDS A-200

EDS-A200 series special frequency inverter for single phase motor
Product brief

EDS-A200 series frequency inverter special for single phase capacitor start induction motor.Fan and pump type light load applications

Product features

Compact Enclosures
Compact design to help minimize your space requirements

High Overload Capability
•    150% overload for 60 seconds 
•    200% overload for 0.5 seconds

Multiple terminals with multiple control
Digital input/output, 4~20mA / 0~10Vanalog input/output, pulse input/output, RS485 serial port;isolated relay output terminal.

​Powerful functions
Keyboard buttons can be partly or all locked, simple PLC function, inbuilt PID controller, constant pressure water supply function, a variety of V/F curve, timer/counter function, DC braking function.

Application advantages

Special design for single phase capacitor start induction motor.

Suitable for fan and pump type light load applications.

Excellent power supply adaptability, can be applied to rural power grids with large fluctuation.

Torque boost function to ensure reliable starting of single phase motors.

Built-in simple PLC function, PID function for more extensive adaptability.

Failure memory function, which simplifies troubleshooting tasks.

MODBUS RTU communication is available.

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