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Inverter ENC EN 630 mini series
Inverter ENC EN 630 mini series
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Product brief
EN630 series mini high performance vector frequency inverter adopts 32-bit DSP (digital signal processor) hardware platform, inbuilt in PG card function, encoder inlet to terminal directly can achieve PG closed-loop vector control; It has advanced control algorithm, speed vector control and torque vector control mode available. It can achieve high precision control, fast response and good performance at low frequency, smart detection and good protection available, keypad with digital potentiometer to adjust speed and with copy function.

Typical applications
Widely applies to food processing, machinery manufacturing, wire drawing machine, printing machine, textile machine, cement processing, ceramic and medical device, metal processing and other small power drive in industrial automation field.

Product features
● PG vector control, vector control without PG, torque control without PG, PG torque control, open-loop V/F control mode available
● Customized V/F curve setting function

● Keypad copy function

● Encoder & pressure gauge disconnection detect function

● Inbuilt in PID control function

● Support multi-channel frequency setup

● I/O terminal programmable

● Jump frequency parameters for inhibition mechanical vibration

● Instant power off without halt function

● AVR output function

● Overload, under-load etc. various smart protection

●Drop control function

● Speed tracking function

● Inbuilt PG card function

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