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Inverter iG5A LS
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Inverter iG5A LS

0.4-1.5kW 1phase 200-230 volts

0.4-22kW 3phase 200-230 volts

0.4-22kW 3phase 380-480 volts

Powerful & compact sensorless vector control VFD LS Starvert iG5A is very competitive in its price and its functional strength compared to iG5. User-friendly interface, extended inverter ranges up to 7.5kW, superb torque competence and small size of iG5A provides an optimized user environment.

Selectable V/f, sensorless vector control
Motor parameter Auto-tuning
Powerful torque at overall speed range
0.1 ~ 400Hz frequency output
-15% ~ +10% input voltage margin
Fault history: Last 5 faults
0~10Vdc / -10 ~ +10Vdc analog input
IP20 enclosure, UL Type 1 (Option)
Selectable manual/automatic torque boost
Selectable PNP/NPN input signal
2nd motor control and parameter setting
Built-in Dynamic braking transistor as standard
Enhanced process PID control
Built-in RS485 (LS Bus / Modbus RTU) communication
Cooling fan On/Off control & Easy change
Remote control using external keypad * RJ45 cable(Optional)
Upgraded functions:
- Sleep & Wake-up (Energy savings)
- KEB(Kinetic Energy Buffering) protection 
- Low leakage PWM algorism

Monitoring & commissioning PC based software tool (Drive View)

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