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Inverter iP5A LS
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Specification of

Inverter dan Konverter

Inverter iP5A LS

5.5-30kW(7.5-40HP) 3Phase 200-230 volts

5.5-450kW(7.5-600HP) 3Phase 380-480 volts

Fan & Pump specialized VFD Starvert iP5A series adopt various functions as standard for operation of Fan and Pump.

Features :

Dual PID
When additional PID control or Cascade PID control is required, Dual PID provides users various uses of the system with only iP5A.
Multi Motor Control
The built-in algebra control function enables an inverter to control many motors without a controller so that user can take advantage of energy-saving and cost-down. 
Sleep and Wake-Up
The built-in energy saving function makes inverter stop automatically when the capacity is very low. 
Pre Heater
The pre heater function is built-in to prevent motor damage and inverter break-down caused from humidity. 
Flying Start
When the inverter drives many ventilators or when the fan in a big load system turns due to a natural convection, iP5A operates the motor by searching the motor speed automatically. 
Auto energy saving
iP5A provides the auto energy saving function by the optimal flux control which minimizes an energy loss caused by a change of the load.
Improved Management from Instant Power-off and Power Dip Generation
During the power Dip or instant power-off, which is generated by lightening, ground fault and power-failure, loads still keep the mechanical energy and this energy flows back to inverter by regeneration. The power-failure guarantee time is extended by using this electrical character of inverter. 
Constant and Stable Performancel (24 hours 365 days)
Regardless of outside alteration such as input voltage variation by load change or weather effect, iP5A can handle moter and load with best performance. 
Safety Stop
When unexpected power-failure blocks power supply, inverter stops motor by using inertia energy of load that prevents unexpected second accident (Parameter setting is required). 

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