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Toshiba Inverter
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Specification of

Toshiba VFS15 Inverter

The inverter is a device that is the opposite of the adapter. The adapter, for the uninitiated, is useful for converting AC current (back and forth) to DC current (unidirectional). A simple example of an adapter is a mobile charger, a laptop charger, etc. Instead, the inverter converts the DC current into AC current.

1.Simple compact and high performance drive

The new Toshiba VF-S15, standard general purpose drive, is designed for controlling wide range of variable torque and constant torque applications such as pumps, fans, lifts, conveyors, machine tool, food processor and mixers as well as for process control in various types of industries. Also, PM motor drive for energy saving and a wide variety of communication options are available for all needs.

2.PM motor drive

PM motor drive

Permanent magnetic motor(SPM, IPM) can be driven for energy saving purpose.

3.Energy saving

Energy saving

Reducing the energy consumption for variable torque application (FAN and Pump)




The bottom wire protection cover can be removed by one push opener. I/O terminal dorr cover can be locked for safety.

5.Setting dial

Setting dial


Easy to operate for parameter writing and monitoring with setup dial.

6.Dual rating

Dual rating


Both constant torque application and high current variable torque application can be operated.

7.Easy Key

Easy Key


Up to 32 kinds of parameter can be stored for one group.

8.Parameter writter(Optional)

Parameter writter


VF-S15 can be programmed parameters without power connection.

9.Long-life design

Long-life design


10 years life design by using long life capacitors.

10.Easy operation of high torque load

Easy operation of high torque load


Vector control mode generate stable, high torque power from motor startup to a desired motor operating speed.


EtherNet/IPTM - Modbus TCP
CC-Link avairable with optional card.

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