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Metasol Series Contactor & TOR
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Specification of

Inverter and Konverter

Metasol Series Contactor & TOR
Compact size & easy connection High Performance and long electrical life Greater environmental immunity Sealed structure which improves its safety features
Rated current : 6 ~ 800A with 9 Frame size
Up to 440kW at 440V in category AC-3
Uimp = 8kV, Ui = 1,000V(Over 40AF)
Combination with Manual motor starters
Various accessories
KEMA, UL/CSA, CE certified
High Performance
Endure reliability in the system: Type ∥ coordination
Perfect system with peripheral devices
No arc exposure via sealed structure
User convenience
One-touch connection with Din Rail
Simple wiring with Adapter, Reversing wire set
4-terminal type: Easy wiring of operation coil
Module type of screw terminal
Interlock unit with built-auxiliary contacts (2NO built-in)

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